2020/2021 uncoming projects

Altiplano I and La Puna solar project

Salta Province relies on massive potentials of traditional power generation, but, above all, it counts with an enormous ability to generate renewable energies, which puts them in the rank of one of the seven places on Earth with that potential.

This Project of Photovoltaic Solar Farm, located 20 km to the west of the village named Olacapato and 65 km from San Antonio de Los Cobres, near the Ruta 51, will provide 180/200m MW of electrical power. The Project is currently in one of its final stages, which is installing the solar panels. The next stage is building the Transforming Station (TS), which is launched by a public tender.

Micro-grids project: 13 villages

The project “13 Villages” consists of planning, installation, and set-up of 13 hybrid micro-grids located at isolated places from Salta, through solar panels PV, a battery system, and fossil-fuel power generation.

We count upon the installation of the hybrid micro-grids’ lighting systems, weather system, and automatic testers.

A microgrid is an islanded operable distribution network characterized by being highly observable and controllable. It can provide energy to a small community, whose size can be variable.

Microgrids are part of the distributed generation environment, where the energy sources used can be both renewable (wind generators, photovoltaic and photothermal technology, biomass) and non-renewable (diesel or natural gas generators, fuel cells, etc.), all of them working together with storage equipment, such as capacitor or battery banks. The Project consists of the design, installation, and commissioning of thirteen hybrid microgrids located in isolated localities of the Province of Salta (ARG), through a system of PV solar panels, battery systems, and fossil generation system.

The Project foresees the installation of the lighting systems of the Hybrid Microgrids, the meteorological systems, and the provision of automatic controllers.

It is prominent that in the event of a state of unavailability of solar energy (rainy day) or reduced availability (cloudy day), the PV systems, batteries, and diesel units can operate simultaneously under the supervision of the automatic controllers, which can take action to distribute the load between the batteries, diesel units, and the available solar PV generation.

Micro grids benefits

- They increase energy efficiency.

- They reduce CO2 emissions.

- They increase penetration and renewables and reduce energy costs.

- They reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuel-based power generation.

- They reduce energy losses in large distribution lines since generation is carried out locally.

The 13 benefited

. San Antonio de los Cobres
. Iruya
. Islas de Cañas
. La Poma
. Los Toldos
. Santa Victoria oeste
. Nazareno
. Olacapato
. Salar de Pocitos
. Santa rosa de los Pastos Grandes
. Tolar Grande
. Amblayo
. Cobres