REMSa. S.A. manages and articulates mining investment projects, organization that promotes the study, exploration, and/or exploitation of mining resources, which is one of the main objectives of the company.

There is an enormous geological potential in metalliferous and non-metalliferous elements in Salta, and in Argentina, compared to other mining countries in South America. It can be said that exploitation in Argentina is still at an early stage as there are many potential areas to be analyzed, and our province, Salta, is in continuous development and growth in mining.

In Salta, mining production is considered to be a government policy, and it is governed by special provincial and federal regulations. Moreover, concessions are granted by a judge with complete independence f rom other government agencies.

In order to understand how REMSa S.A. participates in the mining industry, it is essential to know the legal mechanism through which its mining portfolio is consolidated.

For REMSa S.A. to acquire mining properties, it must submit the corresponding application following the same procedure as any other mining company, and it has the same rights and obligations as any other company in the field.

Section No. 346 of the National Mining Code establishes that basic geological-mining research carried out by the National State, throughout the country, and by the provinces in their territories, is free and does not require permission from the mining authority.

The research carried out by the National State is launched with the prior consent of the provinces where the activity is done.

The provincial authority, the company or provincial state entity in charge of the investigation may provide, through a communication sent to the mining authority, with exclusive areas of interest for mining prospection; this exploration is carried out directly, or with the participation of third parties.

This means that mining exploration can be executed directly by our company, as well as in partnership with third parties. In the modification of section 29 of the Mining Procedure Code of the Province of Salta, it is established that before the publication of vacancy or expiration of mines in the official journal, REMSa S.A. must be granted for review, for 120 working days, if it is going to submit the mentioned mines to the investigation area in terms of section 346 of the National Mining Code.

A mine is declared vacant when the owner of the legal rights fails to comply with any of the following requirements: payment of fees, submission of environmental reports, or submission of investments plans.

The areas of investigation have a legal identification file and a maximum duration of 2 years. The area's tenderer may request or may make such statements, or petitions, as it deems appropriate, during that time.


• Who delimits the location of an AOI (area of investigation)?
- Only REMSa S.A.

• How does REMSa S.A. adjudge an AOI to a third party?
- As it is a public sector company, before awarding an AOI, REMSa S.A. must call for public bids, or comprehensive projects tender, to choose the best offer.

Granted properties
to remsa by art. 29

1 - Gorgon I y II (Au-Cu)
2 - Potasa II (K, Mg, Sales)
3 - Cerro Carpa I (Au, Cu, Fe)
4 - Salrio 01 y Purita (Sales)
5 - West Road, Papadopulos LXII, y Rosa 03 (Au,Cu)
7 - Omar IV (Au - Ba - Cu)
8 - Uaucu, Uaucu III y VII, lindero II X (Au, Cu)
9 - Tolar 11 (Li - K)
10 - Marite I y II (Salinas)
11 - Salari 06, Tabalizaro 06 y 08, Ariza Westh II (K, Li, Salinas)
12 - Doña Jacinta Cuarta, Quinta,Quinta BL, Septima BL y Tabalizaro 07 (K, Li, Boratos)
13 - Doña Jacinta Tercera, Tercera BL, Esparta II, Martina I y II, Atena
14 - Salari 01 y Zaro (Ag,Au,Cu,Li)
15 - Vega Arizaro I y II. (K, Li)
16 - Aracar (Au, Cu, Fe)
17 - La Nativa Este, Guanaqueros, Guanaquero 3, 6, 7, Aymara, Aymara I, II, III, IV y V, Rafari C01. (Cu -Li)
18 - Incahuasi XXII (Li)
19 - Rinconcita II (Ulexita)
20 - Nare (K, Li)


21 - Candelaria, Aguila (K, Li)
22 - Arenas Blancas y Linda (Li) 23 - Olajacal (Cu)
24 - Macon Norte (Cu)
25 - Payo Po 301, Pocitos 6, 10, Tabapocitos 04 (Boratos, Li)
26 - Aguamarga 01 (Cu)
27 - Tolillar y Aguamarga 42 (Cu, Au, Pb, Zn)
28 - Cente 09 y Copalayo 2 (Cu, Au)
29 - Chuculaqui, Ratones 5, Ayllu (Cu, Au, K, Li)
30 - La Parca, Virgen de Lourdes, Arcoiris I (Salinas)
31 - Copalayo 15 (Cu)
32 - Fernando 2 (Au-Cu)
33 - Ignacio I, III y V Centenario 305, Juan Pablito (Boratos)
34 - Centenario 208 y El Huesito (Boratos, Li)
35 - Luciano I (Ag, Au, Cu)
36 - Payo Ariadna y California I (Ag, Pb, Zn, Cu)
37 - Judea, Condorhuasi 03, Triguillo I (Ag, Pb, Zn)
38 - Polvorilla I y III (Ag, Au, Cu, Mo)
39 - Verne I (Ag, Au, Cu)
40 - Las Cuevas Norte (Ag, Au, Cu, Mo)
41 - Francisca II y Flamingo I (Ag, Au, Cu)
42 - Salinita Sureste I y III, Salinita VI (Li, K, B)
43 - Cumbrecita 5 y Shiban (Ag, Cu)

Remsa s.a properties

1 - Socompa I, II, III, IV y V (Vapores Endógenos)
2 - Marynes (Li)
3 - Analy (Li)
4 - Julia (S)
5 - Gran Victoria
6 - Prode I, La Plata, Graciela, Leonor, Elsa, Lucrecia y Sonia (Salinas)

Áreas de

N° Area Area of Investigation Commodity Legal File Observation Legal State Company Mining State Information
1 Centenario-Ratones Llithium enriched Brines 21.724-2012 Granted Expired Eramine Sudamerica S.A Feasibility
2 Arizaro Norte Llithium enriched Brines 21.730-2012 Granted Expired Eramine SudamericaS.A Exploration  
3 Arizaro Sur Oeste Llithium enriched Brines 21.731-2012 Granted Expired Eramine SudamericaS.A Exploration  
4 Arizaro Sur Llithium enriched Brines 21.732-2012 Granted Expired Eramine Sudamerica S.A Exploration  
5 ArizaroOriental- REMSA IV Llithium enriched Brines 22.756-2016 Abandoned Expired Sin oferentes Desist  
6 Arizaro Sur - REMSA V Llithium enriched Brines 22.757-2016 Granted Expired Hanaq Argentina S.A Exploration
7 Arizaro Centro REMSA VIII Llithium enriched Brines 22.760-2016 Granted Expired Hanaq Argentina S.A Exploration  
8 Arizaro SO - REMSA VI Llithium enriched Brines 22.758-2016 Granted Expired Hanaq Argentina S.A Exploration  
9 Tolillar - REMSA XII Llithium enriched Brines 22764-2016 Granted Expired James Bonvini Exploration  
10 Pastos Grandes - REMSA XIII Llithium enriched Brines 22.765-2016 Granted Expired Millennial Lithium Corp Exploration
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2020/2021 uncoming projects

“Waste treatment plant of mining and heavy-metals project” Los Andes”

The mining boom in Salta is in continuous growth. The challenge of dealing with mining waste requires innovative solutions to conserve water resources, soil, flora, and fauna, and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and, above all, protect the environment.

Protecting water from contamination is a priority for all types of mining in Salta. Significant rainfall can lead to acidic runoff from mine drainage, waste piles, and surface mines, contaminating streams and rivers. In drier locations, mining and mineralprocessing use large volumes of water where supply is scarcer and can also contaminate groundwater with toxic chemicals. For this reason, REMSa S.A created the "Waste Treatment Plant of Mining and Heavy-Metals Project", in which the technical staff are engaged in, along with the Provincial Executive Power for its arranging and development.