About us

REMSa. S.A. (Energy and Mining Resources of Salta) It is a public limited company with majority state participation, responsible for managing the energy and mining resources of the Province of Salta (Argentina), within the framework of its corporate purpose.

The company was born in 1985 as "La Casualidad S.A." It was created from a mine with the same name that was located in the Puna and was a sulfur processor.

A village was built around the mine "La Casualidad", and they lived from mining and the railroad for many years until the mine closed down and the town was abandoned.

La Casualidad, as a public limited company, remained until it became REMSa S.A. in 2008. Since then, and until today, REMSa S.A. continues to contribute to the productive and social development of the province, managing, developing and articulating study, exploration and/or exploitation projects for the mining and energy sectors.

The main activities defined in our corporate purpose are the exploitation of minerals and hydrocarbons, the sub-distribution, marketing and transportation of natural gas and the generation of energy derived from renewable and/or alternative sources. Our mission is to bring development to the vast social and business sectors.

Our Mission

To contribute to the productive and social development of the province, generating and managing projects to study areas of interest in the field of mining and renewable and/or alternative energies; and, serving as a nexus between the state, the private investment sector and society as a whole.

In particular reference to the following sectors:

• Mining: to encourage private investment in the mining sector to generate sustainable social development with the greatest generation of employment; all this within the framework of unconditional respect for the environment and life.

• Energy: to promote the generation of renewable and clean energy to improve the life of society in a better and more natural environment.

• Gas: to guarantee, in our pipelines and networks, top quality integrated services in gas sub-distribution, operation, maintenance, construction, and expansion, supported by the solid human talent of our workers, innovative business management, and respect for the environment.

• Hydrocarbons: to manage the development of exploration and exploitation of the areas in charge of the company, in a responsible, sustainable and competitive way.

Our vision

We want to be a self-sustaining public company, whose highest capital is human and social, to manage and articulate private investment projects that, together with the effort of the State, have as their goal, in a medium and long term, to improve the quality of life of the society and the environment in which they live. We want to apply the best practices in the sector, so that future generations enjoy decent jobs in a sustainable environment for the development of community life.

Our core values

• Respect: it is vital to recognize, appreciate and value the conditions and virtues of all the members of the company to generate an active communication base and harmonious growth.

• Responsibility: We are a socially responsible company with its members and with the ones we interact, sectors, organizations/companies with which we interact. We assume a commitment with an awareness of the impact generated by our actions, both internally and towards other members of society, the environment, and the market.

• Solidarity: all parts involved participate, recognizing human capital as an essential factor for the development of the company and the organized community.

• Transparency: We believe in the integrity and honesty of our work, generating channels of citizen participation to offer quality services. We act correctly and efficiently, always having the legal framework and public information of our actions as the axis.

• Commitment: We have a responsibility to the company and society. We recognize ourselves as part of them by providing the best performance in our work, contributing to the common good and the welfare of the environment.

Our Purposes

• To explore and/or exploit mining resources.

• To encourage mining activity with social inclusion.

• Analyzing and developing energy projects derived from renewable and/or alternative sources.

• To transport, sub-distribute and comercialize natural gas.

• Build pipelines, gas networks, and distribution systems.

• To implement communication equipment and systems to transmit information about natural gas transport, sub-distribution, and/or marketing services to optimize and improve the service continually.

• To provide distribution and/or transportation services for minerals, and hydrocarbons, and/or energy.

• Signing mutual collaboration agreements with companies and national or foreign, public or private institutions to execute projects referring to mining and energetic subjects.

• Participating and encouraging the promotion of the development of the social and business sectors.


Alberto Castillo
CEO - Presidente

Javier Montero
CFO - Vicepresidente

Diego San Miguel
CLO - Vicepresidente II